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The AiBi Store is developed and maintained by AdventuresInBrainInjury.com.

The store was created for the convenience of locating and ordering products specific to health and recovery by severe traumatic brain injury survivor, Cavin Balaster. AdventuresInBrainInjury.com  is not a retailer and purchases are ultimately completed through Amazon. Orders made through the store benefit the AiBi community!

When Cavin Balaster fell two stories in 2011, he landed in a twelve-day coma with less than a 10% chance of recovery. Diagnosed with a diffuse axonal injury (a severe traumatic brain injury), Cavin awoke with memory loss, breathing problems, and was unable to eat, walk, or talk for months. With the support of family and friends, he painstakingly pushed himself through various treatments and slowly worked to regain much of his functioning. Unknown to him at the time, Cavin had begun a journey to recovery that transformed his life, challenged his understanding of neurology and nutrition, and ultimately led to the work of guiding and corresponding with other brain injury survivors and their families.

In the year following his injury, Cavin began a detailed blog titled, “Adventures in Brain Injury,” to document and share his first-hand experience with others. With over 60,000 words and 80 detailed blog entries, his story began to receive international attention. What followed was an outpouring of emails from within the TBI and medical communities, yearning to know more about the details of his successful recovery. “The ABI Store is an attempt to bring the products I, and many other survivors, have found to be valuable in aiding health and recovery to a broader population.”

To learn more about Cavin’s story and the ABI community, head to AdventuresInBrainInjury.com

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